Welcome and please have a brief view to learn more about our ministries, and then participate in activities that are interesting to you. We strongly believe that uniting our hearts to building a team that follow Jesus as an example, encouraging each other, which will be the strongest way for the devlopment of the church.


The Church is a spiritual home where God desires many children to belong. According to the Bible, God's children are called Christians and the church is a place where Christuan get nourishment and training. It is, therefore essential for Christian believers to join a church and take part in church activities. By attending the Sunday Worship Serivce, we can receive directions for daily living; by attending the Sunday School, we can learn more about the Bilbe; by joining Christian Fellowship, we can learn to serve; by attending Prayer Meeting, we can together find fulfillment in prayer and praises. We can experience love and warmth in the church where we can aslo find our refuge.

Prayer Group

The prayer group is suitable for friends of any age. If you have anything to pray for, we will arrange individual or team prayer groups as needed. Everyone is also welcome to come to church to pray and receive spiritual guidance and  renewal in the temple of God during daily life.

Adult Sunday School

Everyone is welcome to study the Bible together every Sunday and discuss how to sharing God's word to guide through the ups and down of life this week. This course is led by pastor or co-worker, and you will benefit a lot in a free, open, relaxed atmosphere.

Children's Sunday School

Bible Stories, games, crafts... Let the children learn the words of Jesus in a safe, lively and happy environment, withness the life of Jesus, and become a faithfull believer in Christ, thereby achieving the most blessed life. Please consult with church staff for details.

Caring, visiting and interceding

“The world is my pastoral area", if you need care, visit and intercession, or you are interested in joining our church family, you are welcome to contact our pastor at any time.

Sunday Worship Transportation

Do you need a transportation service for attending Sunday worship?Please contact the church office at 510-490-0696. 

Questions? Contact us!